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Electrolytes are crucial to keeping your nervous system and muscles functioning and your internal environment balanced.
    • Nervous system and muscle function
    • Hydration and pH regulation
Exercise can disrupt electrolyte levels. When we sweat during exercise and become dehydrated, we lose electrolytes.

As carb intake decreases on a Keto Diet, electrolytes are increasingly excreted from the body. Avoid electrolyte imbalances linked to symptoms of 'keto flu' while adjusting to the keto diet. Recover is a keto-friendly electrolyte formula.

Replenish electrolytes with Recover.

Our Recover Formula
Vitamin D is essential for health and plays a vital role in electrolyte homeostasis.

Calcium is a mineral that the body uses to stabilize blood pressure and control skeletal muscle contraction and nerve impulses.

Phosphorous is an essential mineral that interacts closely with calcium to build healthy bones. Additionally, it helps cells produce the energy needed for tissue growth and repair.

Magnesium is a critical mineral that regulates muscle contraction, heart rhythm, and nerve function.

Chloride is necessary for maintaining the proper balance of bodily fluids.

Sodium is necessary for the body to maintain fluid balance and is critical for normal body function. It also helps to regulate nerve function and muscle contraction.

Potassium is crucial for regulating heart function. It also helps maintain healthy nerves and muscles.

Boron supports bone development and regeneration, wound healing, and the absorption and use of calcium and magnesium.

BioPerine helps to increase the absorption of nutrients and vitamins.